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Online Personal Coaching for 90€/Month (incl. 60min Skype, emails and video analysis) Contact: (John is founder of liveAdept and leads training in Stuttgart John has also a Master of Science Mechanical Engineering and a Functional Training Certification)

Weekend experience 321€/p (10 people, 2 days @ 8Hours from 9:00 to 18:00, lunchtime at 13:00). liveAdept weekend experience covers balancing, rolling, whistle, quick dressing, throwing and catching, jumping, vaulting, lifting and carrying, climbing (wall, tree and participant), handstand basics, self-defense basics, rescue swimming (2h), cold training, breathing, recovering (power nap, self-massage...), stretching, orienteering... Contact:

Holiday experience coming in 2015 on the Deep Water Soloing mecca: Mallorca ! Contact: