Live Happier !

The “Discover. Dare. Explore. Live happier” liveAdept graph is based on the Ph.D. Csikszentmihalyi's flow graph. He created his graph drawing a relationship between skills and challenges and divided it in eight zone in order to explain what is the “flow” experience. Dr. Gerhard Huhn placed in his “FLOW – das Geheimnis des Glücks?” (FLOW - the secret of happiness?) the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. At this point, all my feelings became clear. This graph gave me the mean to realize the difference between all the various physical activities I trained or heard about until now.
With the Be Creative ! open list and the liveAdept System you will first DISCOVER many new skills and training concepts to be adept in everyday life situations. You will then DARE them one after the other which stirring you to master them. Ultimately, you will mix them (e.g. Most Efficient Workoutand EXPLORE even more possibilities. Finally, you will be able to reframe your flow experiences in any other domain of life, ensuring you to LIVE HAPPIER and so more successful! The journey is the destination.