be creAtive !

Adept Maneuver
Advanced physically demanding activity important to safety, survival and/or other common physical challenges.

Adept Utility (starting with a U. in the following list)
Physical or mental skill that 1) supports the development of Adept Maneuvers (e.g. calisthenics), 2) provides a practicality (e.g. whistling), 3) supplies an increase in efficiency of common activities (e.g. quick dress), or 4) supports body function (e.g. massage).

Move fast
Flight run/swim (~5min from sprint to endurance)
Change direction (about-face, cutting) (also using environment by grabbing object)
U. Car Cutting
U. Articulated Snake
Running up/down stairs/hills

Passe-muraille vertical wallrun (incl. climb up), Tic Tac horizontal wallrun
Saut de bras arm jump (or cat leap)
Retour (bras (cat to cat), précision (cat to pre)...), Lâché (cat to drop), Balancé lache
Passements vaults (rapide speed, latéral lazy, chat cat pass (or kong), demi-tour turn, franchissement underbar, Passe barrière gate...)
Saut de précision precision jump, saut de détente running jump...
Balancing on bar, branch, chain, rock
Quadrupedal movement (QM) on bar, branch, stairs or scrambling

...rope, pillar, tree, around furnitures (table, chair), inside, cave
Traverse (horizontal, hang, between two walls (stemming, chimneying or body propping)…)
Deep-water soloing (DWS) or psicobloc

Human tower (shoulders or extended arms)
U. Monkey tree
U. Leapfrog
U. Somersault forwards, backwards, or sideways

Falling roll (forwards, backwards, sideways - full or half (e.g. kick worm))
Landing roll (with forward motion or without, as a parachutist PLF)
Diving roll

First aid
Casualty lifting
Casualty drag both arms / one arm
Casualty towing (remorquage or Seemann)
Casualty extraction from water
U. Howling, whistle loudly (with / without finger), Silbo Gomero

Throwing and catching
Throwing over sth., at a target (e.g. a stone on a tree)
Transfer sth. (e.g. fold your t-shirt into a ball)
U. Snap sth. in the palm of a friend, juggle two balls in one hand

Snatch, clean and jerk or press, a log, rock, planking friend...
Deadlift a planking friend, rock, your car...
U. Turkish get-up
U. Log or rock balancing

Moving sth.
U. Human car push
U. One-man tug of war
Carrying on the head, shoulder, arms, in hands (farmer's walk)...

Bird's-eye view (travel a path after having visualized it on a map)
Path integration (never take the same way back)
U. Orientation: eyes closed locomotion (do shapes while jogging, crawling, swimming…) under close surveillance

U. Swimming pool workout
Jump out of pool
Climb out of pool feet first
Brainwashing push-up (pike push-up using pool edge)

Eggbeater kick
Breaststroke (on the surface or underwater)
Front crawl (head high or straight)
U. Floating
U. Backstroke
U. Vertical dolphin kick, vertical flutter kick

Head first (high or long)
U. Forward, backward, inward, reverse, twist, armstand, rolling, splash

Constant weight without fins (CNF)
Dynamic without fins (DNF)
U. Duckdive
U. Pool noodles sinking

Awareness - White: unaware,Yellow: relaxed but alert,Orange: recognize a potential threat,Red: fight or flight,Black: panic
U. Verbal de-escalation (e.g. Verbal Judo, The Fence)
Stand-up from laying on the back / belly
Grab release from back, both arm, wrist, neck (headlock, guillotine, double Nelson)
Strike/kick combos defense
Stiff-arm fend off or hand off
U. Endure shocks (punch, hit or slap yourself)
Multiple attackers defense
Defense close to a wall, on the ground, in vehicle
Stick attacks defense
Sharp object defense
Use of everyday objects (furnitures, backpack, pen…) and environment (sand, …) - throw it or use it

U. Calisthenics
Burpee (with Sprawl)
Handstand push-up, walking
Planche push-up, muay thai push-up, aztec push-up, superman push-up
Human flag on rope, bar, wall, cliff...
Muscle up, Archer pull-up
Pistol, Shrimp and Cossack squats
Bridge, Single Leg Deadlift
Office Chair Standing Rollouts

U. Quick dress
Put on / remove a T-shirt
Jumping into shorts, skirts, trousers...
Tie your shoelace (Ian's fast shoelace knot)
Put on a backpack

U. Pelvic floor
Kegel exercises
Position the testicles into the abdomen (inguinal canal)

U. Breathing
Breath-holding with/out air: laying in a quiet place, relax whole body, belly breathing cycles (inhale,hold,exhale,hold), hold.
Maximize your lung capacity: 1) stomach, 2) ribs, 3) chest, 4) throat
For max efforts: inhale 75% before, hold during exertion (stabilizes the spine) and exhale through pursed lips on the return.
Endure: shoot a burst of air before shock and tighten the concerned muscle. Holding your breath afterward eases the pain.

U. Stretching
Static-active then dynamic for warm-up
Static-passive after cool-down
PNF contract-relax (and -antagonist-contract).

U. Massage
Swedish: 1) Effleurage (gliding or stroking), 2) Petrissage (kneading, wringing, skin rolling, or pick-up-and-squeeze),
3) Friction (deep stroking), 4) Tapotement (beating, slapping, hacking, tapping, or cupping), 5) Vibration (shaking)
Deep tissue: myofascial release, deep stripping, trigger point release, cross-fiber friction
Foam rolling, but prefer to use a plastic bottle filled up with cold or hot water (miscalled self myofascial release (SMR))

U. Recover
Power nap

Adept Variation (Layers for most of the Adept Maneuvers and Utilities to be even more prepared for real-world situation)
Good for technique
Eyesight: night, full moon, t-shirt on eyes, blindfolded (thanks proprioception (groping along, echolocation and kinesthesia))
Hearing: disturbing noise, make no noise
In motion: moving target / while moving
Degraded mode: not ready, weak side, one eye, on the fist, improper alignment
Slippery: fat, oil, wet, rain, ice, snow
Clothing: barefoot
Mental: overcoming fear (thanks imagery, self-talk & relaxation)
Trust: catching so., crowd surfing, leading so. blindfolded or eyes closed
(: drawkcab or umop ap!sdn
Good for conditioning
Tired: after VO2 max, after training, before sleeping, just after wake-up
Degraded mode: limb injury simulation
Difficult terrain: sand, shallow water, waves, current, mud, fallen leaves, snow
Clothing: in working/party/leisure suit respectively swimming with clothes
Load: carrying so. or sth. (e.g. backpack), holded back by so., or sinking sth.
Group: one with multiple, multiple with one, cooperative
Good for cardiovascular system
Temperature: cold (cold showers, Wim Hof’s training "Iceman"), withOUT warmup, hot
Reduced oxygen: nasal breathing, altitude training, intermittent hypoxic training (IHT), breath-holding
Stomach: full or empty / thirsty

liveAdept System Train so intense that you feel ready for any common physical challenge.
Principles: 1) Technique, 2) Conditioning, 3) Combine mainly contrary effort and body part, 4) Cardiovascular system, 5) Tissues
Focus on one of your weak Adept Maneuvers to improve them quickly. Train non-exhausting Adept Utilities during your rest time.

Adept Fundamental e.g. standing balance, equalize, bridge, squat, lunge, lift, jump, throw, pull-up, push-up, sit-up, etc...

Adept Characteristic e.g. distance estimation, precision, balance, swing, coupling motion parts, endurance, burst, force, flexibility, orientation (spatial, land and underwater), breathing, spontaneous reaction, conditioned reaction, peripheral vision, etc...

In case of emergency P.R.I.C.E. (Protection Rest Ice Compression Elevation), full body check-up, call 112, take note of vehicle registration plate, alpine distress signal, protect your head from the sun, dry yourself with your t-shirt.